Home Styling Services

Your home is worth the investment it takes to create the space you truly love and cherish. So, whether you have a new home that needs furnishing, are looking to refresh a room (or two), or you have no idea where to start, we can help!

Unlike traditional interior design, our take on home styling services allows you the flexibility and versatility to work within a feasible budget to bring your home decorating dreams to life. From choosing decorative elements to deciding upon a functional layout to bringing it all together into a cohesive plan that works for your lifestyle, we can help ease the burden of making home styling decisions all alone. 

Design Consultation

Set up a 45-minute design consultation (in-person or virtual) with our team to assess your project and determine your goals for the space. We charge a flat fee of $125 for this introductory consultation. This fee can be applied to any of our other services, should you choose to move forward with one or more.

In-Home Styling

We will start with our 45-minute design consultation. Our team will then create a design board, along with the estimate of time to manage your project. Once your design is approved and finalized, our team will execute the final install to guarantee a space that you’ll love.

The fees below include design consultation and project management costs per room. Additional fees will include all curated products that your design plan recommends based your project budget.

  • Entryway - $400
  • Pantry - $450
  • Laundry/Mudroom - $500
  • Bedroom - $550
  • Master Bathroom - $550
  • Half Bathroom - $400
  • Office/Study - $550
  • Dining Room - $600
  • Nursery - $550
  • Kitchen - $650
  • Living Room - $800
  • Outdoor Living Space - $600
  • Bonus Room - $1200
  • Great Room Package (includes kitchen, dining, living) - $2000

Virtual Design

After a 45-minute virtual consultation, our designer will create a design board and curate a shopping list with recommend items and suggestions for your space. When your final design is approved and complete, we will present your design board and shopping list for you to take it from there to execute the vision and purchase items for your space as your budget allows.

Service Includes:
• 45-minute virtual consultation
• Design board
• Furniture layout
• Shopping list

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Meet Our Design Team


Tyler Browning, Lead Designer

Tyler is a husband, father, and self-proclaimed DIY enthusiast. His passion for homes began at a young age, as he was always changing things around in his bedroom. After 15 years in the marketing industry, he continues to explore his fascination with interiors and became a Certified Interior Decorator in 2020. As a Southern native, he truly understands the value of history, which drives his design aesthetic of incorporating the old with the new.




Kathryn York, Owner & Curator

As owner and curator at Smith & York Co., Kathryn has created a space that our customers adore. Almost daily, shoppers enter our space and fall in love with the styles and selections of merchandise they find within its walls. As the requests for design services increased, Kathryn was inspired to launch Smith & York Co.'s home styling services, partnering with the talents of design consultant Tyler Browning. She is excited to be able to offer these services to our wonderful customers.



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